Phaedra C. Tinder

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May 2016 – present

GIS Systems Analyst, City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Support GIS infrastructure for 450+ users citywide including central ArcSDE Oracle database, ArcGIS Servers, and ArcGIS Online
  • Geocoding and address standardization
  • Python scripting
  • GIS technical support
  • Policy-oriented data analyses for city initiatives including:

April 2015 – April 2016

GIS Analyst, City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Policy-oriented data analyses for city departments including:
  • Support publication and maintenance of all geospatial Open Data for
    • Most Common 311 Requests map
  • Develop and test custom ESRI geocoders
  • Development of online data dictionary platform at
  • Develop and lead training workshops for city staff
  • GIS technical support

Mar. 2015 – present

GIS Volunteer, Pelican Island Audubon Society, Vero Beach, Florida

  • Blue Cypress Lake in Indian River County Florida is home to one of the largest osprey nesting sites in the United States.  PIAS obtained funding to begin monitoring the population beginning in the winter of 2015.
  • Made recommendations for initial program design and technology
  • Produced maps, analysis, and interactive web map of nesting sites
  • Continue to provide occasional feedback and analytical support as needed

November 2014 – April 2015

Research Specialist, AzaveaPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Research election results of U.S. Congressional, state and local legislative elections to update Cicero API
  • Data entry and validation in Excel, Access, and online interface
  • Application testing and evaluation of data sources contributing to

March – November 2014

Data Analyst, The Center for Returning CitizensPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Design, build and develop client database in MS Access
  • Produce GIS maps and statistical analyses for program evaluation and grant proposals
  • Research and report on data resources and evidence-based re-entry programs
  • Recommend options for quantifying program improvements and successes

September 2012 – July 2013

Assistant Restoration Coordinator, Coalition to Restore Coastal LouisianaBaton Rouge, Louisiana

  • Assist with planning and facilitating volunteer events across Louisiana coast
  • Research and GIS analysis, including:
    1. Interactive routable map showcasing acreage of coastal restoration completed by CRCL since 2008
    2. Feasibility assessment of large-scale restoration projects in the LaBranche Wetlands

Sep. 2010- Aug. 2012

Graduate Research Assistant, Ohio State School of Earth Sciences, Columbus, Ohio

Advisor: Dr. Ian Howat, Assistant Professor of Geology

  • Designed and coordinated three seasons of remote field research in Southeast Iceland
  • Modeled and analyzed data in MATLAB, especially signal processing methods, to interpret calving ice loss from surface water wave record

July 2009 – May 2010

Student Researcher, NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates: Holocene and Modern Climate Change in the High Arctic, Svalbard, Norway

Advisors: Dr. Julie Brigham-Grette and Dr. Ross Powell

  • Learned to perform and interpret a variety of field sedimentology and physical oceanography techniques during 6-week field season in Svalbard
    1. CTD/OBS Casting – Salinity, temperature, water clarity vertical thermocline
    2. Sediment Coring – 24″-36″ column of sediment layers from seafloor
    3. Grab Sampling – Water and sediment sample of seafloor surface
    4. Alpha Bottle Sampling – Water sample at specific, isolated height in water column
    5. GPS – Handheld and survey-quality GPS usage
    6. Sediment Traps – Deployment and retrieval of sedimentation collectors at specific heights in water column
    7. Tide Gauge – Secure placement of water pressure meters to track water level
  • Created models to isolate and programmatically identify iceberg calving waves from background tidal cycle, validated against direct observations and timelapse photography. Used statistical tests to compare calving data with weather, tidal wave, bathymetric, and glacial velocity data.

June – July 2007

Research Assistant, Florida Keys Marine Lab, Long Key, Florida

Advisor: Dr. Susan L. Richardson, Associate Professor of Biology

  • Assisted with collection and analysis of Thalassia sea grass blades, identification and picking of foraminifera, and preparation of treated slides
  • Conducted water quality analyses (salinity, pH, turbidity, color) to establish baseline for long-term bleaching study of Sorites, which is an indicator of imminent coral reef bleaching

Other Activities


  • Philly Stake, 2015 – 2016
    • Philly Stake was a locally sourced, recurring dinner that raised and awarded microgrants for creative & relevant community engaged projects in Philadelphia.
    • As member of core organizing team: solicited and selected project proposals, planned, and organized events in January and September 2016 serving roughly 200 guests each
    • Philly Stake retired in Sept. 2016 after hosting a total of 14 grant-funding dinners over a six-year period with over $26,000 raised.
  • First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia, 2013 – present



  • eBird, 2017 – present
  • FringeArts / SolowFest, 2014 – present
  • Reading, 1988 – present
  • Piano, 2011 – present
  • Backpacking, 2012 – present
  • Classic Movies, 2004 – present
  • Woodblock printmaking, 2016 – 2017
  • Philly Food Swappers, 2014 – present