Phaedra C. Tinder

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Data Analysis

Drug Crimes within 1,000 ft | Source: PPD Crime Incidents Part 1 & II | View live

Community Schools Site Selection Context Analysis | Project Details

Evaluating the Neighborhood Transformation Initiative (2002-2008) | Project Details

Incidence of serious crashes per street segment, 2011-2015 (excluding highways) | Source: PennDOT Crash Data | Project Details (Coming Soon)

Background and Needs of TCRC Client population | Project Details (Coming Soon)


Most common Philly 311 requests | Source: Philly311 Service Requests | View live

Evenness of Migration out of Philadelphia Neighborhoods | Source: InfoUSA (proprietary) | Project Details (Coming Soon)

Osprey Nesting Status vs. Vegetation Type and Nesting Density | Source: Pelican Island Audubon Society | Project Details

CRCL Volunteer-Based Coastal Restoration Projects | Source: CRCL | View live | Project Details (Coming Soon)


Benny the Metadata Catalog
Benny the Metadata Catalog | View Live

Writing Samples

Briefs for Decision-Making

Uses and Limitations of InfoUSA proprietary dataset (2017)

  • Completed for City of Philadelphia
  • Goal: Evaluate projects that could benefit from this dataset; assess its value and quality issues.

Feasibility Assessment of Tidal Gate Restoration Strategy in LaBranche Wetlands, Louisiana,  Parts [1], [2], [3] (2013)

  • Completed for the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana
  • Goal: Investigate previous activity at this site and identify best practices for tide gate implementation.  CRCL was considering this site for remediation through a large one-time grant for a large-scale restoration project.

Training/Curriculum Development and Technical Writing

Metadata Catalog Training for City GIS Staff (2016)

  • Completed for the City of Philadelphia
  • Goal: Launch of new metadata documentation platform in early 2016 improved access to and ease of distributing information about datasets in the city, but replaced previous standards for GIS metadata.  Trainings introduced the new site and provided discussions of new processes and exercises for staff to practice.

Literature Reviews

Research Reports and Written Analyses

Public Articles and Copy
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Creative Nonfiction

Delivered at First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia as a guest speaker:


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